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As a child I was a wild thing.  Much of my life was spent outdoors - observing nature - diving into a world that I could re-create for myself.  A world of colour, fantastic creatures and characters that took me into magnificent adventures. Later I would head back home to draw or build or sculpt some of the things I saw.


Not much has changed. I still watch nature in awe - and the many, vast realms that exist within me are portrayed in what I do. 


In the process of becoming a professional painter and sculptor, I have spent countless hours studying with world class artists in Argentina, Europe, and America.  Although Argentinian – Italian by birth, American by upbringing, and Canadian by choice, I consider myself a citizen of the world. So is my art.  I was, and continue to be, nurtured by world wide masters – ancient and new.  My art is in many ways eclectic, multicultural, in constant flow and movement, and always in search of challenge and discovery.


As an artist I am concerned about such things as accuracy, likeness, and proportion. However my focus is on that which lies within. My priority is the expression and the emotion conveyed - that which reaches the heart of the Observer. Many times I sacrifice detail and realism to freedom and simplicity.

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